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what we offer


Our programs provide support in the areas of business and career excellence; we believe that a better future is an informed and empowered one. Our programs are completely purpose and goal centric; we cater for individuals and/or a group of individuals with a similar growth track.


Mentor Me is a program for professionals and it operates on a cohort model with a duration of 8 weeks, providing an opportunity for mentees to gain  access to and engage with world class mentors and public figures, for growth in life, career, business goals as well as follow-on capabilities needed to scale in the years to come.

Objectives of our programmes are:

  • To foster relevant, creative and enhanced learning by providing access to a professional community of practice.
  • To share insights into the wide-ranging interpretations of the 7 sectors of society.
  • To challenge established beliefs about certain industries and redefining the value and purpose of each industry.
  • To floodlight the behind the scenes works and barriers in industries; as well as providing valuable and proven techniques to overcome challenges.



Mentor Me brunches are a collaborative way for our mentees to meet their mentors and enjoy a learning experience with peers. With many mentees facing challenges and barriers in the workplace, in business or personal development, the comfort and confidence one receives from a shared experience is none like other. Be on the lookout for our next mentor me brunch.